Musk sold another 934,000 shares of Tesla stock, 15.8 million shares have been sold since November 6

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News on December 29th, according to foreign media reports, the electric car manufacturer Tesla submitted a document to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday , showing that Elon Musk, who sold a large number of Tesla shares in the past two months , on Tuesday Sell the company's stock in large quantities again.

According to the documents submitted by Tesla, Musk sold Tesla stock 35 times on Tuesday, local time, 500 shares were sold at least once, 74,448 shares were sold at most, and a total of 934,409 shares were sold. .

The average price of shares sold by Musk on Tuesday was above $1,000, with the lowest being $1079.593 and the highest reaching $1117.92. Some foreign media said in reports that Musk cashed out a total of US$1.02 billion by selling stocks on Tuesday.

The stock sell-off on Tuesday was Musk's sixth trading day of this month to sell Tesla shares, which were on the 9th, 13th, 16th, 21st, and 22nd. Counting the 7 trading days last month, Musk has sold Tesla shares in 13 trading days since he solicited fan opinions on the sale of stocks on November 6.

Foreign media said in a report that Musk has sold about 15.8 million Tesla shares since November 7 on social media to ask for opinions on whether to sell 10% of the shares. Although the number is huge, it is far from his premise. There is still a gap of 10%. Calculated based on the number of shares held before the consultation, Musk would have to sell about 17 million shares before reaching 10%.

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