Marathon Digital increases Bitcoin production by 23% in October;Share price decline

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Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ:MARA) produces 417.7 Bitcoins (BTC-USD) in October, up from 340.6 BTCs in the prior month, though down from the 469.6 peak in August.
The company currently holds approximately 7,453 BTC, including the 4,812.66 BTC it bought in January for an average purchase price of $31,168 per BTC.


Marathon's (MARA) bitcoin holdings is worth approximately $457.4M as of Nov. 1.
"With shipments of our previously purchased miners accelerating over the coming months, we continue to expect our bitcoin production to become more consistent as we scale," said Marathon Digital CEO Fred Thiel.
Still, shares of (MARA -3.4%) trade in net negative territory as Bitcoin (BTC-USD -2.4%) slips in the past 24 hours.

Previously, (Oct. 4) Marathon Digital reports 91% growth in Q3 new mined bitcoins.

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