E-commerce leader Shopify CEO hints at possible integration of Ethereum wallet Metamask

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Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify, the leading global one-stop e-commerce and shop platform, reposted a video related to the Shopify platform on social media Twitter on the 9th. The video hinted that MetaMask's function would be integrated into the Shopify platform, but also Replied: There may be nothing.

According to a report by "BSCNews", the retweeted short video shows that the Shopify platform integrates MetaMask to connect to your wallet; although the quoted tweet alone cannot be as effective as the official confirmation, the news is enough to cause a boom in the market. It symbolizes that the traditional business field may enter Web3 earlier than expected.

In addition, this feature will also encourage traditional store operators and countless users to turn to the cryptocurrency field. Another exciting reason is that in the near future, users are likely to complete holiday shopping list purchases through crypto assets.


It is worth noting that according to a tweet posted on the 13th by Twitter netizen DCinvΞstor, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke purchased the ENS domain name of the CEO at a price of 30 Ethereum on the 12th. DCinvΞstor said: Shopify CEO just bought The ENS domain named after him. Big technology and business leaders finally understand what Ethereum can do, and they are fascinated by it.

NFT has already entered, and the NFT sales plan has been opened

According to previous reports, as early as July this year, Shopify President Harley Finkelstein stated on Twitter that the company immediately supports the platform's e-commerce users to sell NFTs, and the NBA Chicago Bulls NFT has taken the lead on the platform.

According to Shopify's official website, sellers can already sell NFT through the NFT market or their own brand website.

For American sellers who use Shopifyplus, they can apply to join Shopify’s NFT Beta program to allow users to pay by credit card or cryptocurrency when purchasing NFT in the store; or accept credit card payments through Shopify Payments, and pass encryption The money payment processor connects to accept cryptocurrency.

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