The South Korean National Assembly will determine the member virtual asset investigation team within June

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The National Assembly of South Korea passed a resolution requiring all members of the parliament to voluntarily declare and accept the investigation of virtual assets.

The resolution stipulates that members of the 21st Congress must voluntarily report to the public servant property registration agency the situation and changes in the virtual assets held between the beginning of their term of office and the passage of the resolution.

The resolution also proposes to investigate the acquisition, transaction and loss of virtual assets of members of Congress through the National Rights Committee, and urges relevant departments such as the Financial Commission and virtual asset exchanges to actively cooperate with the National Rights Committee to investigate the information required and activities.

According to this resolution, the Zhengde Committee will request the National Rights Committee to determine the composition of the investigation team and the principles of the investigation within June. The National Rights Committee proposed two options. One is that the chairman and vice-chairmen check and balance each other, and the other is that both the chairman and the vice-chairman refrain from the overall investigation of virtual assets, and do not accept any reports or instructions, and do not intervene.

The National Rights Committee stated that the composition of the investigation team and the determination of the principles of the investigation must be completed before the expiration of the term on June 27. However, the idea has not yet been formally discussed among the CNR leadership, so its implementation could be controversial.