Some investors are holding on to buying gold despite the end of monetary easing

Time:2022-01-25 08:30 Source:Internet Copy share

January 25 news, for gold, the end of the era of easy money usually means bad news. But for now, gold ETF holdings are showing resilience. Despite expectations for multiple U.S. interest rate hikes this year, bets that real rates will remain negative and demand for inflation hedges underpin gold’s safe-haven appeal. Gold prices have held almost steady this year, an impressive performance compared to some other assets such as U.S. stocks and cryptocurrencies. While gold ETF holdings have fallen slightly over the past six months, at the current rate of decline, it will take about seven years to return to levels seen in early 2020. Christoph Schmidt, who heads the team at DWS Group, said they don't think their gold positions will change in the foreseeable future and don't see a major change in the interest rate environment.

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